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At this time we would like to sincerely thank our community, our valued customers, the city council, our police department, the city staff and our town Mayor, Dr. Brian Sager and everyone who voiced their opinion and concerns in regards to the noise ordinance this evening, we have come to an agreement and worked together to continue to provide Woodstock with our entertainment . The outcome of our meeting was as follows, the noise ordinance was tabled for the business owners and the city of Woodstock along with the residential neighborhood affected by the sound, Niko will work together with the community and its members to come to a resolution that will benefit us as a whole.

Thank you for coming together as a community and supporting your local Business . We look forward to the future.

-Niko Kanakaris and staff
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I watched on Facebook live and I'm glad they tabled it, Because there's so much more. Niko, I commend you for your positive attitude and your willingness to help the community. Thank you, you're an asset to Woodstock.

Nikos without music on a beautiful summer night is like Christmas without presents! Glad to hear a compromise was made!

Let’s book Bella Cain and rock the Mill

Once again most think of themselves and not the city as a whole... I have attended several Niko’s events, I’ve also been a patron in other local business’s in the area the same day...more then Nikos is making money! Revenue all over the city! This is a win win for the community!

Happy to hear this! Thank you for handling this in a professional manner! We will Continue to support your establishment and all the great changes you have made to Niko's Red Mill and to Woodstock! Nice job! Let's eat,drink,and party!

Way to go Niko!

Great News Niko 🤠 Can’t wait to Kick It Out there 👍👍

As always, ...very good of you for taking the high road. Not sure I could have in this ridiculous case. Good example!

Build a stage in Marengo nothin but farmland by your place there.

Congrats! Glad this is going to be sensibly resolved.

Common sense has prevailed!

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